The English (ELA) and Math (SBA) Test Days are scheduled for May.  Students in Grade 10 (and those Grade 11 who need to take the test) will take the English (ELA) Test on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 & 9 .

Students in Grade 10 will take the Math (SBA) Test on Tuesday, May 15 and Students in Grade 11 will take the Math (SBA) Test on Wednesday, May 16. (See attached Bell / Period Schedule).

Students NOT TAKING ELA and/or SBA tests will begin school at (class time) 10:47 a.m. – provided they have transportation. Buses will run on REGULAR SCHEDULE BUS ROUTS AND TIME ONLY.  Students who do not have transportation and are not taking ELA and/or SBA tests – will report to the Commons for a study time.

Click here to view/print Test Day Bell Schedule.  late-start-testing-bell-schedule