Away we go!  The Class of 2017 Seniors will be given Graduation Packet Information during Advisory Class, Thursday, March 16.  Here is what they’ll get:

Senior Reminders (Important Date Information)

Class of 2017 – Seniors (Name Announced on Diploma as . . . )

Class of 2017 – (Walking Partner Information.  I’m walking with . . . )

Class of 2017 – Graduation Agreement Form

With the exception of “Senior Reminders” Sheet – All above paperwork deadline date to return is Monday, April 17, 2017.

Also attached is Class of 2017 – Scholarship Information – deadline date to return is Tuesday, May 30th.

All information should be returned to Sherry Rollins, Registrar in the main office.  To reach Sherry – call 509.468.3522.  To print these forms, please click here – 2017 Graduation Paperwork